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My profile pic is of the mountains where I live if you recognize them you probably live in AZ.

I'm 24 I'm 5'10" 170lbs goatee short blond hair lots of piercings and tattoos and a nice thick heavily pierced cock. By the content on my blog you can probably tell I'm Bi. I could never choose between my love for big beautiful women and big beautiful cock. If it feels good I say you oughta do it(within the law of course). When it comes to sex I simply love to give and please. I love to eat pussy, ass, suck cock, get fucked, pound pussy or simply anything that makes a woman or man happy. I'd love to get in touch with any of my followers male or female and exchange pics or just chat. Enjoy.




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Anal Spanking Foxtail Hitachi Super Fun Time 

the title pretty much says it all! i use a few different toys in my asshole, finally filling it with a huge glass plug with a soft, fluffy foxtail attached. i also spank my own ass a warm, rosy pink, and finish myself off with my hitachi magic wand.

this is one of my favorite videos and i felt that it deserved a couple of nice gifs and a price drop. it was $17.99, now it’s $15.99, and you can get it on clips4sale, clipvia, and ExtraLunchMoney.

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