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I'm 24 I'm 5'10" 170lbs goatee short blond hair lots of piercings and tattoos and a nice thick heavily pierced cock. By the content on my blog you can probably tell I'm Bi. I could never choose between my love for big beautiful women and big beautiful cock. If it feels good I say you oughta do it(within the law of course). When it comes to sex I simply love to give and please. I love to eat pussy, ass, suck cock, get fucked, pound pussy or simply anything that makes a woman or man happy. I'd love to get in touch with any of my followers male or female and exchange pics or just chat. Enjoy.



Most women can’t do this at first. It takes practice. You will practice though. Practise early and start young. If you can’t do this, then you’ll be taught. And you’ll choke and gag, maybe even puke and faint. Your mouth is little more than a fleshlight I don’t have to work. Have the decency to make sure it does its job properly.

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New hair! It’s the closest someone has gotten to what I want so I’m pretty happy with it.